5 Easy Steps To Becoming Vegan

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When you think of going vegan, what is the first thing that runs through your mind? Probably fear of giving up your favorite foods? Or is it you have no clue how to cook vegan food?

Today we’re going to be discussing tips we’ve used to become vegan ourselves.

Prepare! When you first go vegan the most important thing is to prepare to eat new foods, meet new people, and explore new areas of the supermarket.

Prepare, Plan and Conquer!

The day my family decided to go vegan, I knew I had to prepare and plan. The very first thing I did was log in to my Pinterest account and did a search for vegan comfort foods. I believe our first vegan meal as a family was an amazing creamy vegan alfredo. I have to say, it was super easy, and super delicious.

Educate! Why are you thinking about a vegan lifestyle? Is it for the animals, earth, or your health?  All are wonderful reasons to make the switch! My advice is to educate yourself on all things vegan and that will make your convictions and reasons stronger. The more you know, the more reasons you have to stick to your new lifestyle.

Educate, don’t discriminate..

Then when those pesky omnivores start asking you where you get your protein, you can educate them as well. Just remember to educate, don’t discriminate! Always remember you used to be one of them too 🙂

Donate, don’t waste!

Donate! Think you’re going to go crazy with cheese and ice cream in the house? Yeah,I did too. I thought, ummm, how the heck am I going to go vegan with cheese and ice cream in the house?!

So, I donated it! I gave the ice cream and cheese to my neighbors and then I cleaned out our pantry and donated everything that contained an animal by-product to a local food bank. There, that was easy.

Support and don’t abort!

Finding a good support system is a necessity when you first start. There are many ways to connect to other like minded individuals. Facebook has many groups dedicated to people who love to share recipes and converse about their stories.

Explore the unexplored!

Exploring new foods can be a challenge at first but once you learn the ropes on all the vegan food and recipes you can create masterpieces in the kitchen. Don’t be intimidated! Experimentation in the kitchen is one of the best parts of being vegan!

By using these small but mighty tips, you can breeze through the first week of your new vegan lifestyle with no problem. Just remember, veganism is a journey not a destination. Every step you make in veganism is making a difference in your own life, the earth and all living things on it. Be proud of yourself!!

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