5 Everyday Vegan Breakfast Ideas

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Breakfast has always been one of my favorite meals of the day. Why you ask? Well, it’s really the only meal of the day when it’s totally acceptable to eat doughnuts and not be judged for it! Am I right!? I’m a total sucker for fried dough but let’s face it, sometimes you may want a fast, healthy breakfast that won’t make you feel like crap after you eat it. So, here is a few of my favorite, fairly easy breakfast ideas that will get you going in the morning.

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats. That’s right, oatmeal that you don’t even have to cook and it’s ready for you as soon as you get out of bed! You literally just put oats in a mason jar with some almond milk (or any milk you like) and add some of your favorite mix-ins (i like cinnamon and a little maple syrup in mine) put the lid on it and stick it in the fridge overnight. Wake up and eat breakfast.  Feel like a million.

Recipe Here

Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble is my all time favorite vegan breakfast food. It’s fast and filling and good for you! And I always have leftovers for the next day, which is awesome. I add broccoli, green pepper, onion, mushroom and tomato to mine. And if you are like me, one thing i miss since I went vegan is scrambled eggs. I am going to let you in on a secret. What if I told you that there is a secret ingredient that you can add to your tofu scramble to make it taste just like scrambled eggs? Well, there is. It’s called Black Salt (Kala namak) and it gives your tofu scramble that sulfur taste that eggs have. It’s a total game changer!

Recipe Here

Avocado Toast

What do you think of when you hear Avocado Toast for breakfast? I think of those really awesome, overachievers who are up before dawn doing yoga and meditating. If that’s you, you are #goals. That’s definitely not me but I do enjoy the breakfast of overachievers, for sure. I have recently jumped on the avocado toast bandwagon except I have mine with coffee, around 9 am, in my jammies while answering emails and watching Friends. Don’t judge.

Recipe Here

Vegan Powdered Donuts

Ok, so what if you are into the having donuts for breakfast? I’m not gonna lie, I’m guilty. I love fried dough. All kinds of fried dough but since I’ve given up egg and dairy, good vegan fried dough is hard to come by. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have time to make fresh vegan donuts every morning but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make these on an easy Sunday morning.

And, I’m gonna give you a guilt free donut recipe so you don’t have to be mad at yourself later. You’re welcome.

Recipe Here


Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned, fast and easy smoothie. This is probably my go to breakfast on the days I’ve got a million things to do and no time to worry about breakfast.

My regular smoothie consists of blueberries, strawberries, one banana, 3 TBS of hemp hearts, a scoop of protein powder and if I want to feel like a superstar healthnut, I add a handful of spinach. Blend it with non-dairy milk ( I like Vanilla Almond Milk) and enjoy. Super easy, healthy and portable. Here’s ya a recipe that has the best of both worlds, in case you need nutrition and a jolt to get ya going.

Recipe Here

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