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How Simple VGN Was Born

Stacey Sparks-Huff has always had a deep love for animals and the world we live in, so she decided over 10 years ago to go vegetarian and then transitioned to vegan.
Knowing that obesity and diabetes runs in the family and watching her son Avery  only eating a diet of meats, cheeses and overly processed snacks, this made her mission very clear. She had to veganize her family!
The day they decided to go vegan as a family was the day she knew she had to make this transition smooth and tasty or it would never last. She was on a mission to take the comfort foods that her family loved and make them vegan. 
Stacey is a born researcher, inventor and entrepreneur, so she put her skills to work. After trying recipe after recipe and adding bananas, applesauce or chia seeds as an egg replacer to her baked goods, she just wasn’t happy with the way they would alter the texture and taste of the final product. 
It took a full year of trial and error to develop and perfect her proprietary egg substitute but it finally came together and worked! All of her baked goods tasted just like she remembered and her family loved them!! And that’s when Simple VGN™ was born. 
Our mission is to bring you comfort foods that taste like you remember and to make the vegan lifestyle a little simpler!
Even your non-vegan friends will say, Are you sure this is vegan?!