How Simple VGN Was Born

Let’s start off by saying that Stacey has never been known for her cooking skills, but she is a born entrepreneur and inventor. The day she and her family decided to go vegan was the day that she decided that she had to make this transition smooth and tasty or it would never last. 

So then the journey began. She was on a mission to take the comfort foods that she and her family loved and veganize them! 

After trying recipe after recipe, she concocted her own tried and true comfort food recipes and they were a hit. 

Simple VGN™ was born. 

Our mission is to bring you the delicious staples needed in comfort foods recipes to make the plant based diet a little easier, more convenient and even more delicious than you can even imagine. 

Even your non-vegan friends will say “this is vegan”!? 

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